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  • How a Crime is Prevented by Surveillance System

    CCTV42 is all about providing and advising you on the correct CCTV camera systems that they believe will benefit you or your company the most. CCTV42 offers you a range of quality and affordable products to fit your needs.

    Whether you are looking to protect your home or business property, you will find that CCTV42 have a security camera which will suit your needs.

    The first point above is critical to answer as soon as possible. What extremes of temperature or moisture will the housing have to endure?

    CCTV cameras have become so popular not only because they provide such diverse functions where men cannot operate, but also because even where men can operate these cameras give better and more efficient results than men can. They help in giving the best evidences to police officers at the scene of crime. They can be trusted more than people giving their statements because these are recording and they cannot be tampered. These cameras have started coming in various designs shapes and sizes and can be installed anywhere without any problem. It is easy to install and easier to use. They have started coming in cheap prices as well so they are affordable by all and sundry whoever wants security.

    It is important to protect your home if you go away for extend periods of time whether for business or pleasure or if you go away regularly, when we stay within the UK we don’t really think about protecting our home as we believe it will be okay and we don’t worry about while we are away however as soon as we go abroad we worry about protecting our home and spend our holiday wondering if things are okay, it is important to protect your home whether you are away in the UK or abroad.

    However, having dummy security cameras can still serve as a deterrent, and are an inexpensive way to reduce vandalism and theft. And since they don't use cables, they do not need installation by a specialist. On properties where real security cameras are definitely needed for round the clock monitoring, it's important not to cut corners.

    The Dome Camera has a small camera placed in the dome shaped housing. The camera can be aimed toward a specific area or adjusted for a wide field of view. The dome camera is usually placed on a ceiling, but can be placed on a wall or even the floor as desired. This camera is good for view a large area with lots of people and the camera is very discreet.

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